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Latest Update: 3 November 2014

I say: All the best to 2014 A Level Students. Welcome 2015 Batch!

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Dear students, are you finding JC mathematics difficult to handle, especially H2 Mathematics? You are likely not alone in this battle. Most students will find the transition from Additional Mathematics to H2 Mathematics (or E Mathematics to H1 Mathematics) tough, but with ample practice and determination, you can achieve your desired grade!

There is a common saying, "Practice makes perfect". If you have the right attitude, you can succeed academically. How do you start against this battle? Start first by completing your tutorials by yourself!

Students are encouraged to be independent in learning. Teachers are around to guide you but they may not have sufficient time to attend to all students' needs due to their saturated workload. That's where tutors like myself comes in.

I created this website in December 2008 specially for JC students. Besides promoting my tuition services back then, I have created contents to help students in their quest to achieve better grades in Mathematics. You can download topical summaries, additional revision assignments and past exam papers for additional practice.

In addition, this website was created with the tutors in mind. When I started out as a tutor in 2004, I do not have many materials on hand. Over the years, I have accumulated sufficient revision materials which I wish to share them with current tutors. Tutors are welcomed to distribute the assignments on my website to your students.

On a parting note, I have not been able to update my website and had reduced my student intake since 2011 due to my other commitments. I still hope you will find the website useful!

This website has an embedded survey which may be blocked by your pop-up blocker. If you are interested to help me in a short survey (only 4 questions), please click here. Thanks!

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